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How many days until Spring?

We had a really beautiful snowfall recently and although it was picture perfect, I am happy to see it starting to melt.  I do not like seeing the snow get dirty. I know that is cheesy but think about it. What if snow fell with a gray hue instead of white? That would be awful!  So if it can’t stay white, it should melt quickly. I much prefer warm weather – not HOT summer heat but pleasant weather,  like the middle of Springtime when there is still a slight chill in the air, the sun is out and things are blooming little bits of color everywhere. MUCH better than dirty snow.  I’m not the only one who wants warmer weather, Healing Hands is ready too because they have new scrubs available in pastel colors that evoke Springtime cheer. I think if I buy a set now, it will help me through the winter dirty snow phase.  There are even long sleeve tees that perfectly match these scrubs to keep the chill out of my bones while I try to be patient for the weather to catch up. Which color do you like?

Pastel Perfection


How many more days until Spring? While you are waiting, you can also visit our Pinterest page on pastel scrubs!



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