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What’s Your Most Important Scrub Feature?

Hello Scrubinistas,

Last week’s¬†Win-It Wednesday question on our Scrubs & Beyond Facebook page was “What’s the most important feature you look for when buying scrubs?” We received numerous responses. Common answers included quality, comfort, and plenty of pocket space. Here’s a sampling of your comments:

“Comfort and pockets, especially pocket for pens specifically! When you end up working doubles or going in on days off, I want to know I’m not going to have to pull up, rearrange or tug at my scrubs.”– Gene Folts

“When I look for scrubs I have to make sure the fit is right, and I’m always drawn to prints! I just bought the Nemo print you have and I am in love!”– Rachel Lynne

“The most important feature I look for in scrubs is making sure they have petite length in pants and the tops aren’t too big big and they have enough pockets. Being 5’2 can make it hard to find scrub pants that fit.”– Michelle Hall

“Not only am I short, but I’m thick in all the wrong places. Finding scrubs that fit comfortably for 12+hrs in the ER is super important. Most of the time I will go to the store and try on scrubs, but then come home and buy them online. I hate shopping. I also hate it when the company’s change their cut of the uniforms. Not everyone is a model.”– Tami Sue Foster

“The number one feature has got to be pockets!!! I have a habit of carrying all of my essentials (pulse ox, at least 3 pens, penlight, saline, extra pair of gloves, hand sanitizer, extra tourniquet, a highlighter, two pieces of candy, a sticker for the littles, extra hair band, my badges) so I need every single pocket to get the job done.”– Vonya A. King

“Placement of pockets, room to move, squat, twist, bend, and not show off bums and cleavage. And they’ve got to be somewhat flattering. I hate looking like a sack of potatoes with just 2 huge pockets up front.”– Katherine Foster Edgell

“For them to be comfortable and that they are soft enough so that if i transfer a resident, the material wont be to harsh on their skin. Patients come first and so does their safety, so to me any little detail matters, even my scrubs.”– Damaris Esquivel

“When I shop for scrubs, I’m looking for something that expresses my personality the best…although comfort is equally important, they need to compliment my personality right off the bat!!”– Adrienne Gorey

“Fit and of course…overall appearances. I have a messy job at times but at least I’m confident about my appearance. Especially with Grey’s Anatomy brand!”– Kelly K. Baker-Hill

“Work part time in Scrubs, I say style and design are what I look for, comfort is important, but style is more to me.”– Laura Lee Micele

“It’s all about the style. I like them to hug my curves just a little, I don’t like to look like I’m wearing a box.”– Kristie Cozad Richerson

“Comfort & they stay put- no continually having to pull my pants up!”– Carol Nevarez

“Something fun for the kiddos to look at.”– Michelle Kelly

“I like spandex material because it gives me the flexibility that I need, it so comfortable.”– Trina Allmygirls

Do you look for any of the same features? Check out some of our picks below!


Dickies Gen Flex Ladies Youtility 9-pocket scrub pants

Dickies Gen Flex Youtility junior fit mock-wrap scrub top

Med Couture Moda modern fit cargo scrub pants

Med Couture Moda modern fit v-neck scrub top

Beyond Scrubs Blaire utility inspired scrub pants

Beyond Scrubs Ellie v-neck top


Grey’s Anatomy low rise logo waist scrub pants

Grey’s Anatomy v-neck 2-pocket scrub top

Lynx Untamed Quest elastic waist scrub pants

Lynx Untamed Unleased v-neck scrub top

Smitten Bliss Main Stage knot yoga scrub pants

Smitten Bliss Riot crossover knit scrub top

What’s YOUR most important factor when buying scrubs? Leave a comment below and be heard! And don’t forget to check out our Win-It Wednesday giveaway every Wednesday on our Facebook page! You never know what we’ll be giving away next!

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