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What’s Your Go-To Snack?

Hello Scrubinstas,

Being a caregiver requires long hours that don’t always allow time for proper meals. That’s why snacks become so essential during a long shift. Thus, our contest question on our Facebook page this week was “Do you have any go-to snacks during a long shift?” We received a number of diverse answers but here were some of the most popular:

Trail Mix

Trail Mix in White Bowl

“I have a trail mix I make with dried cranberries ,blueberries, cashews, almonds, and pistachios, yummy”– Karre G.

“Trail mix is my favorite. There are so many different kinds I usually don’t get bored.”– Michelle Y.


Baskets of assorted snacks

“My favorite snack right now is Skinny Pop popcorn. So good!”– Karen M.

“Lately its been pretzels and sunflower seeds and we all just share.”– Keri P.


Fruits and vegetables.

“I like to cut apple slices and have peanut butter with them, I also have found granola bars also curve my cravings for unhealthy snacks and lots of water to keep me going.”– Alonzo N.

“I have started red grapes and small cube of cheese. They kinda nip the hunger pangs in the bud. It gives me some renewed energy to keep going.”– Priscilla B.

“My go to snacks are raisins that are packed in small boxes, banana, or granola bars and then water. Then I’m recharged.”– Ivy M.

“Any kind of fresh fruit!! Esp watermelon because it is so hydrating!!”– Tamara D.


Milk chocolate with almonds

“Anything chocolate works for us at work.”– Kari J.

“My 8 hour victory snack is anything chocolate from the lobby vending machine.”– Karen M.


various types of cheese

“Being a Vet tech we have high chances of not getting a lunch break so we always plan ahead. Cracker Barrel extra sharp cheddar cheese sticks and goldfish. Would die without them.”– Michelle M.

“String cheese or trail mix!”– Jennifer C.

Did we leave off YOUR favorite? Leave a comment below and tell us. And don’t forget to check out our Win-It Wednesday Giveaway on our Facebook page every week. We give away gift cards, scrubs, accessories, and more!

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