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Spring Break Destinations

Hello Scrubinistas,

In recent days, my social media feeds have been flooded with people’s Spring Break vacation photos. Unfortunately, we know that our dedicated caregivers aren’t always able to get away for a fun Spring Break. So this week we posted this question on our Scrubs & Beyond Facebook page: If you could take a Spring Break, where would you go? Here is a sampling of popular answers:

“If I could take a spring break I would go to Greece to experience the wonderful culture and the AMAZING beaches.”– Rachel L.

“If I had a spring break is head to San Diego! Beaches relaxation and perfect weather! Too bad I’m almost done with nursing school and there is No such break! Lol”– Danielle L.

“If I actually took a spring break, I’d take my kids to Disneyland! They’ve never been, and I think every kid should get to go at least once!”– Lisa P.

“A vacation…What’s that? lol. If I could take a Spring Break I would go to Bora Bora in a second. It just looks so amazingly beautiful!”– Jennifer R.

“If I could go on spring break I’d go on a cruise to Belize and Honduras! I’ve heard such great things about cruises to those places and I’ve never been on a cruise ship! That would be such an amazing experience!”– Brittany B.

“I would love to take a spring break in Australia the beaches there look beautiful and it is on my bucket list”– Audra F.

“I would go to Iowa to visit my 93 year old Dad! Lives by himself and does farm chores. He is not on any prescriptions. He is my hero!”– Sheree I.

Where is YOUR dream destination? Leave a comment below and share it with us! Don’t forget to check out our Win-It Wednesday Giveaway on our Facebook page every week. We give away gift cards, scrubs, accessories, and so much more!

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